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RecursiveDirJob * RecursiveDirJob::recursiveCpDir ( const QString &  sourcePath,
const QString &  destPath,
CopyOptions  options = NoOptions 
) [static]

Copies directory sourcePath and all of its contents to directory destPath . Works like "cp -r". options can be the following:

  • NoOptions - Nothing special happens
  • RemoveDestination - It removes the destination directory before trying to copy.
  • OverWrite - If a file exists both in sourcePath and in destPath, the the file will be overwritten.

Definition at line 65 of file recursivedirjob.cpp.

    return new RecursiveDirJob(CpDir, QVariantList() << QVariant(sourcePath)
                                << QVariant(destPath) << QVariant::fromValue<CopyOptions>(options));

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